Lifeline Agency Limited is a leading domiciliary service provider, established by a highly experienced management team with over two decades of expertise in the care industry.

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Please feel free to contact our friendly staff with any general or healthcare enquiry.
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Our Promise

Our healthcare service in the UK provides skilled caregivers who are available every day of the week to meet your specific needs.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00pm Saturday: 9:00am - 20:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - 21:00pm Available: 24 Hours a day

Our goal is to deliver quality of care in a courteous, respectful, and compassionate manner. We hope you will allow us to care for you and strive to be the first and best choice for healthcare.

Lifeline Agency Limited is a leading domiciliary service provider, established by a highly experienced management team with over two decades of expertise in the care industry. Our mission is to become one of the most dedicated, innovative, and progressive Domiciliary Care agencies in the UK. We prioritize the personal, physical, and mental well-being of our service users by delivering a service that is delivered by our expertly trained care staff. Our staff undergo thorough assessments and vetting procedures according to our practice, which aligns with and supports the Care Quality Commission standards.
The Service User Bands include services users between 18-65 years of age. Our service offers personal care for those with sensory impairment and mental health conditions in their homes. We also support individuals with physical and Learning Disabilities and Autism Disorder, with activities of daily living. Our senior care support staff and external trainers provide guidance, training, and competency assessment for our team when we have accepted packages specifically with service users who require specialist. Our palliative care service is designed to provide comprehensive support to individuals with life-limiting illnesses and their families. We understand the importance of maintaining dignity and comfort during this difficult time and our compassionate care staff are trained to provide emotional and physical support. Our social care service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, promoting independence and social interaction. Our complex care service is designed to support individuals with complex medical needs, including those with neurological conditions or brain injuries. 
Our Approach

Our Approach Three easy steps to Lifeline Carers

Following the three easy steps to become a healthcare professional at Lifeline Agency can bring many benefits. Firstly, registering on our online platform is a quick and easy process that allows you to easily access and apply for job opportunities. Secondly, the free assessment helps us understand your skills and experience, enabling us to match you with the most suitable job roles. Finally, the care plan commencement ensures that you are fully equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the best care to our clients. By following these steps, you can become a part of a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who are committed to providing high-quality care to those in need.


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Either call, email or complete a form and one of our friendly care team member will be in touch.

Free Assessment

Free of charge asessmement to discuss the level of care and frequency of visits you require, in order to provide personalised care.

Care Commences

Once your plan is in place, we will continually monitor and review your care plan with you to ensure it meets your care requirements.

At Lifeline Agency, we take pride in our commitment to providing the highest quality care to our clients, which is why we only hire internationally qualified and trained staff who possess the necessary skills and experience to deliver exceptional care.

Our healthcare service offers a wide range of customized care plans to meet the unique needs of families and individuals at every stage of life. We collaborate closely with families to develop person-centered care plans that evolve as the care needs change. Our commitment to affordable rates ensures that quality care is accessible to all.

 Lifeline Agency is committed to providing personalized and attentive care to its clients, ensuring that their needs are met from the very beginning of their care journey. This dedication to individualized care is a testament to the agency’s mission to provide true healthcare for your family.

Customised wide range of home care services.

We offer a comprehensive range of home care services that are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual. Our services are designed to support individuals with a wide range of needs, including those who require assistance with daily living activities, medication management, and mobility support. Our highly trained and experienced care staff work closely with each individual and their families to develop a personalized care plan that addresses their specific needs and preferences. 

We hope you will allow us to care for you and strive to be the first and best choice for healthcare. 

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